Luxury Gold’s Journey to Nepal and Bhutan


Create Unforgettable Travel Moments on Luxury Gold’s Journey to Nepal and Bhutan

Named A ‘Once in a Lifetime Journey’ by USTOA and AFAR Magazine

With its ancient cultures, mountainous backdrops, and oasis of tranquility, Nepal and Bhutan each hold a wealth of centuries-old stupas and temples. Recently described as a “once in a lifetime journey” by the United States Tour Operators Association (USTOA) and AFAR Magazine ambassador, Luxury Gold’s Magnificent Nepal and Bhutan journey is nothing short of an “A-list” bucket-list experience if you’re seeking authenticity, exploration and cultural immersion.

“I was met with this sort of awe each moment of my journey with Luxury Gold, as our Traveling Concierge kept my journal occupied, and my camera at the ready,” said AFAR Magazine ambassador, Ryan Neal Cordwell, in his recent USTOA blog. “It isn’t only the absorption of undiluted insight, but the ability to participate interactively, that stamps this page of the world with gold.”

Luxury Gold’s dedicated and knowledgeable Traveling Concierges, VIP treatment, delectable dining, and immersive, local experiences bring together for you the true beauty of this enchanting region.

Below are just a few exceptional highlights you can enjoy on Luxury Gold’s culturally enriching 10-day journey to Nepal and Bhutan:

  •  As a VIP experience in Kathmandu, you’ll meet with the monks of Boudhanath stupa for a private puja (blessing) ceremony. You’ll hear traditional chanting, drumming and tales of the monks lives inside the temple. You’ll be cherished by this visit by being blessed by the monks. Later, you can meet a local pottery craftsman who will explain the traditions and processes of their works, before guiding you as you try for yourself.
  • While in Paro, you can choose to enjoy a private traditional mask dance and cultural show or learn about the passion the Bhutanese have for the national sport of archery, attending a range to interact with the locals. You can also join a gentle hike to Taktshang Monastery known as the Tiger’s Nest. 
  • In Thimphu, you’re invited into the home of a local family for a delicious home-cooked meal of typical regional fare. You’ll visit the National Memorial Chorten, dedicated to world peace, along with Tasichho Dzong, known as the fortress of the glorious religion. You’ll also visit the bustling market, an opportunity to mix with the locals.

  • In Punakha, you’ll stay at the luxurious Dhensa Boutique Resort, which sits in lush Punakha Valley and offers spectacular views. You’ll visit the winter residence of the monk body that is also the capital of Bhutan – Punakha Dzong and can walk to Chimi Lhakhang temple and admire the magnificent views over the Losesa Valley. 
  • At the Dochula Pass, you will participate in a prayer flag hoisting ceremony, an integral part of Bhutanese landscape. It is believed that when prayer flags flutter, they carry a blessing to everyone around.

Luxury Gold is pleased to be bringing back the golden era of travel with the launch of their worldwide collection

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